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Science Fair

Elementary Science Fair is Coming!!


We are very excited to announce the 2017 Elementary Science Fair is now approaching! We are hoping students in grades 2-5 will choose to join in this experience over the next few weeks. If you have a child who is in 2nd -5th grade, who would love to investigate and experiment with a topic in science using the scientific method, this would be the perfect opportunity! Students in kindergarten and first grade will be doing a class experiment that will take place at school during the day, while all other students will complete the project at home. 2nd and 3rd graders may choose to work with a partner, but 4th and 5th graders must complete the project alone. 4th and 5th graders are also given the choice of presenting on a traditional tri-fold board or with the use of technology. A brochure containing more information was sent home with your child.  The brochure is also attached below. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. Will the projects be judged?

Yes; each project will be judged by three different judges, including the overall content on the board as well as a verbal presentation by the student. Kindergarten and first grade class projects will not be judged.

 2. Can parents provide help?

 Yes; parents are encouraged to help their children, but keep in mind, it is ultimately the student’s work. Students will be asked questions by the judges that must show they fully understand the purpose, intent, and results of their project.

3. When are the projects due?

All projects must be delivered on February 28th , but make sure project registration form is returned by February 10th . All important dates are listed in brochure found in link below.

4. If my child is a fourth or fifth grader and chooses to present using technology, what should that look like?

If a fourth or fifth grader wants to use technology to present his/her project, it needs to include all of the steps in the project (not just the experiment). It should include the questioning, hypothesis, experiment, data collection, analysis, and conclusion. It should not be just a video of the experiment.

 5. Do students have to use the scientific method in their project?

 Yes; the scientific method is a process by which scientists answer questions and draw conclusions about particular topics. Good science revolves around this approach when solving problems. This is not the same thing as a demonstration. Judges will be looking for this process when determining winners in each grade level.

 6. Does my child have to participate?

No; no one is required to participate in science fair, as it is an optional event. However, students that participate learn a great deal about their particular topic and also have a better understanding of the importance of science in our everyday lives. They get to “be a scientist” during this process, which helps develop a deeper enjoyment for science and a more analytical way of solving a problem.

Important Dates: 

January 27--Packet request information due to the library 
February 10--Project registration is due to the library

February 28--3:00-3:30 p.m. projects may be delivered to community room (grades 4-5); art room (grades 2-3)

March 1--7:15-7:45 a.m. projects may be delivered to community room (grades 4-5); art room (grades 2-3)

March 1--Student project interviews and judging 

March 2--Awards announced and projects on display for Open House